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A New Start

Just as I’ve restarted my Technology Blog, I decided it was time to restart my primary blog focused on a potpourri of things, from political to social to just about anything I have an interest in. To be honest, that’s how I started blogging in the first place. It was at the beginning of the Obama presidency and I had so much on my mind. Blogging seemed to be the perfect release of all those thoughts. From that simple start, it just branched out in a variety of ways.

Now it’s time to restart that passion and get back into the writing. It’s really sort of therapeutic and helps exercise the mind. After all, I’m not one of those who’ll just throw thoughts down on a page without there being some sort of research behind them. That probably bugs me more than anything and it is probably what drove the quality of my writing in the past. Facts fascinate me, especially when they are juxtaposed against issues of the day.

Enough about the why. Let’s talk about the what. What will I write on? Any number of things. Of course, there will be politics. After all, we have a presidential race coming up and the field is wide, well maybe on the Democrat side of the ballot. Then, there’s the growth of Little Rock under a new mayor who has a lot of ideas for the city. Add to that the upcoming Summer Olympic games in Tokyo. That could result in its own blog, depending on my energy.

So, it time to start writing and see where this next run will take us. Hope you enjoy the ride. As always, advice is greatly appreciated.

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